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26 June 2017

Responsible commitment

Up Si Vale receives Empresa Socialmente Responsable certification in Mexico

For the third year in a row, our Mexican subsidiary Up Si Vale has received the « Empresa Socialmente Responsible » (socially responsible company) certification, a recognition rewarding companies that actively contribute to improving their environmental, economic and social impact.

This certification, issued by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) demonstrates our commitment to vulnerable populations in 2016.


Several highlights illustrated 2016:

By supporting fighting hunger program of our partner Alimento Para Todos A.C. with Donation of 1.7 tons of non-perishable goods and distribution of food packages to disadvantaged children.

 Recycling plastic and electronic waste, a campaign to support children with cancer.

 Donations to associations participating in reforestation efforts and promoting access to education and electricity for everyone.

During the renewal of this certification, the General Manager of Up Si Vale, José Antonio García León, recalled that social responsibility plays a major role within Up Group.

« Thanks to these actions, we have the opportunity to support future generations by ensuring better access to healthy food and education. » José Antonio García León

By taking ownership of Up Group’s commitment values, our Mexican subsidiary supports four major causes:

 Fighting against hunger

 Improving access to education and culture for everyone

 Social innovation and sustainable employment

 Responsible consumption

« For Up Si Vale, it is essential to contribute, together with our clients and affiliates, to improving the quality of life of our cardholders, and support programs and activities for food, health, education and sustainable development for the most vulnerable communities. » José Antonio García León