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13 February 2015


Up Selfie Wall: A successful internal communication operation

When the Group announced its new identity, all the subsidiaries decided to celebrate the event. The festivities kickoff took place at headquarters in Gennevilliers, on January 12, 2015, when the employees came in to work.

They were greeted by a dynamic breakfast, which was a perfect image of the new identity: smoothies and cupcakes.

To unite all employees internationally, the internal communications team implemented the Up Selfie Wall, a fun application encouraging employees to be creative by posting their picture to convey the new name of the Group and its values.

We met with Valérie Petit, in charge of internal communications and events for the Group, to ask her a few questions about this operation.


Valérie, setting up a Selfie wall is not exactly commonplace in business today. Why did you decide to do this?

After the event and the fairytale celebrations for the Group’s 50th anniversary in June, we were looking for a fun and easy wingding for a reasonable budget. The idea was to create synergies and bonding that would at the same time proclaim the new name of the Group loud and clear, over and above the boundaries of geography and language that separate our employees in the four corners of the world.

A large proportion of the population today has a smartphone, and the Selfie phenomenon has boomed in recent years. Connected tools are now an integral part of our professional life, and taking a Selfie with your phone is easy, fast and fun. A Selfies wall that is accessible in all the countries where the Group is established has enabled us to bring together all our employees at the same time and around the same objective. A unique gathering place to let everyone know that we are now the Up Group and proud of it!


Up Selfie wall


How did the implementation go?

We promoted the event upstream of the launch, by distributing a poster and a flyer to each country, in both French and English, and that was posted in their premises. With this poster, employees had three possibilities for posting a Selfie: either flash the QR code with their smartphone, or download the application from a link, or, of course, for those people who didn’t have a smartphone, they could send in their picture by mail.


On D day, all the subsidiaries were able to broadcast the Selfies wall from an updated stream of photos. At the Atrium in Group Headquarters, the photos were streamed continuously on all the Up TVs (televisions broadcasting all our in-house news – Editor’s note). Each employee had direct access to the photo wall, both in France and abroad. For the first time, we had an internal communication operation that simultaneously connected all our employees in subsidiaries abroad!



Were the objectives of the operation achieved?

Beyond our expectations. We received over 500 Selfies on the application, showing real commitment on the part of employees who all demonstrated terrific creativity!

We had planned to reward the 10 best pictures with a gift of connected bracelets. However, we were so much more successful than planned, that we had to designate additional winners and offer additional rewards.

This was such an auspicious experience that we are not going to stop there. We are considering the possibility of highlighting these photos by posting them in our headquarters, at the Atrium, and making them part of our decoration; and also many other surprises to honor the involvement of our employees around the world.