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15 June 2015

Performance / Social innovation

Up Group expands its cooperative from 350 to 650 members

The General Assembly of the co-worker company (Scop) Chèque Déjeuner, Up Group’s parent company, at its meeting on this day adopted the resolution to expand the cooperative to the subsidiaries Cadhoc, Rev&sens and Chèque Domicile. This is a decisive step in the history of Up Group (formerly Groupe Chèque Déjeuner), with an additional 300 employees joining the members’ ranks. Cadhoc, Rev&sens and Chèque Domicile employees are henceforth members on the same basis as their colleagues in the parent company Chèque Déjeuner, thereby significantly increasing the number of cooperators in Up Group.

Today, we are taking a major step which strengthens the foundational cooperative principles of our Group. The process of associating as many employees as possible in the Group’s equity and decision-making will continue, and other phases of this project will emerge in the coming years. 

élargissement coopérativeDevelopment of the cooperative

Two flagship measures of Up Group’s strategic plan are to expand employee ownership and develop the principles of participatory democracy. The cooperative governance model ensures the relevance of long-term decisions and directly engages employees in the success of the company. This decision is in line with Up Group’s founding values, making it a company that is different from the other players in its industry. Today’s initiative of associating a greater number of employees in the cooperative’s capital is the first step in building tomorrow’s cooperative and in becoming the emblematic ambassador of the social economy in the world.

The initial phase of this project, namely the merger of the subsidiaries Cadhoc, Rev&sens and Chèque Domicile with the parent company Chèque Déjeuner, is enabling us today to significantly increase the number of members in the Group. New members will receive appropriate support in order to enable them to fully take on their role as employees. Up Group as a major actor in the social and solidarity economy is continuing to build its model, which associates economic success and a different approach to entrepreneurship.

Up Group, flagship of the social economy

Chèque Déjeuner was established in 1964 as a co-worker company. This society is Up Group’s parent company and is wholly owned by its employees. They own the company’s share capital, take part in strategic decisions by electing the Board of Directors, which appoints a Chairman among its members. Present in 15 countries, Up Group today is a global player in the service vouchers market. Throughout its 50 years of development and geographic expansion, the company has been able to maintain the cooperative values that have underpinned its sustainability and independence.