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4 September 2017

Non classé / Responsible commitment

Up, a Group committed to the climate

For Up Group, « Making every day better » necessarily implies making the planet better every day too. That is why the Group is reducing the impact of its activities on the environment by contributing to the fight against global warming. A commitment that is one of the five guidelines in its Up 2018 strategic plan.


Tertiary activities, head offices, sales agencies and print shops that produce no emissions into the water, the air or the ground…  Low as these emissions are, Up Group, like any business, nevertheless impacts the environment and the climate. In line with its strategy of sustainable growth, the Group has set the objective of limiting them as much as possible by doing much more than required by legal obligations and the expectations of its stakeholders. All the subsidiaries are engaged in the fight against climate warming, the main guidelines being to preserve resources, fight against all forms of waste and prevent and reduce pollution. A policy of environmental responsibility which every subsidiary is enacting in a way that is adapted to its situation, its activities and its local context.

For example, in order to structure and guide their environmental policy, the cooperative Up, parent company of the Group, and the subsidiary Up Romania decided several years ago to commit to a structured environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 certification process. A choice that comes with a transparency requirement, giving their actions the momentum of continuous improvement.


In France, since 2014, the Up cooperative developed six areas of progress in line with the ISO 14001 international environmental standard:


  •  Optimize energy consumption by capitalizing on energy audit recommendations


  •  Reduce paper consumption in administrative activities


  • Optimize the consumption of raw materials (paper, toner, packaging)


  • Train employees to prevent and limit pollution


  •  Encourage good environmental practices (purchases and sorting waste)


  •  Optimize fuel consumption.


In 2016, the company successfully completed the audit under the new version of the ISO 14001-2015 standard. The same was true for Up Romania, where auditors particularly noted the subsidiary’s actions for implementing carbon footprint assessments, and reducing waste and CO2 emissions.