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19 November 2014

Performance / Responsible commitment

The card solution that energizes public policy

 A strategic partner for local authorities, Groupe Chèque Déjeuner specializes in implementing tailor-made systems to promote innovative local public policies. At the present time, many departments, regions or cities rely on our services to ensure the visibility and proper use of public aid in the form of vouchers, cards or dematerialized processes.

These different payment systems and processes are fully customizable and can only be used in a network of partners who have been previously defined by the authority. We therefore offer this type of service under a ‘white label‘ for diverse purposes, including youth-focused, cultural and social services.

More recently, our Group started offering cards that are adaptable to all credit card payment terminals. This makes it considerably easier to use the cards since most retailers are equipped with banking payment terminals. As a result, this modern and innovative payment system also alleviates the burden of administrative and financial handling for the local authority, since it makes it unnecessary to equip affiliated network partners with specific terminals.

Over and above being easier to use, this card is also unique because its use can be restricted to a limited area. The municipality, the General Council or Regional Council decide what geographical area this card may be used in, and especially with which type of partner (cinemas, bookstores, museums, concerts…)


Two examples of success for Groupe Chèque Déjeuner:

The Be Lim card of the Regional Council of Limousin, specifically developed for high school and university students and apprentices in the Region, incorporates all these features. Valid 3 years, the card has a stored value of 50 euros allocated to different cultural and sports activities. The card is scalable, and will soon incorporate other benefits and subsidies such as health and social grants.

Carte Be Lim du Conseil régional du Limousin


The “Keys to the city” card enables constituents, using a single card and ultimately an NFC phone, to access many leisure activities and services such as the swimming pool, the theater, the school cafeteria and public transportation. At Saint Lô, the 2000 beneficiaries of this “daily life card” have easy access to many public facilities through this multiservice instrument.


Carte Cité Plus