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14 October 2016


Our Turkish subsidiary Up Multinet rewarded for its HR policy!

Up Multinet

As part of the Up Group’s employer brand strategy, our Turkish subsidiary Up Multinet has taken part in the Peryön competition for the first time!


The Peryön competition consists of an objective assessment of a company’s internal human resources management. It is a process that reveals areas for improvement. It is then possible to set up actions to improve the company’s management of its human resources.

Every year since 2008, PERYÖN has published a ranking of the best practices in human resources management. Over the 2015-2016 period, 31 companies took part in the competition, in 40 different categories. 

First of all, candidate firms are invited to submit their application. After it has been examined, the companies selected are audited by consultants from Deloitte and then they present their human resources policy to a panel of HR consultants.

Our Turkish subsidiary entered the competition in the « effective personnel management » category, in which several criteria such as the management of productivity, employee turnover, skills, the employer brand or the development of performance indicators were measured.

Up Multinet Peryon

After going through all these evaluations, Up Multinet came second in the « effective personnel management » category, just behind Ford. 

The work accomplished by our subsidiary in the fields of « productivity management » and « employee turnover management » was particularly appreciated by the judging panel.


Their confidence boosted by this first success, the HR teams at Up Multinet now wish to have their work recognised more widely by entering other categories of the Peryön competition!