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20 July 2016


Innovation Award for Up Day for its Open Innovation program initiated with Future Food

Open Innovation Italie

After being selected, Up Day received the Innovation Award for excellence in this area. This award was given during the SMAU Bologna, Italy, the major fair for innovation and communication technology.


Up Day provides well-being services to businesses and individuals, such as meal and gift vouchers, and has stood out for its Open Innovation process, an initiative to bring innovation to its services together with the accelerator Future Food.
Up Day is going to sift through the best start-up innovative solutions in the agri-food industry and in Financial Technology relating to the Food business.

Future Food’s call for proposals from start-up companies will lead to a selection and acceleration of innovative start-up projects, which will then be able to forge partnerships and synergies with Up Day’s network of companies.

Open Innovation Italie

We decided to invest in innovation starting out from ideas coming from young talented start-ups such as these, with which we would like to initiate many partnerships in about a year or so. The goal is to become the Ambassadors of the social and solidarity economy and the emblem of social progress in the world, bringing innovation and values to all of the stakeholders.

This project confirms the trajectory of Up Group, which has already been investing in research and innovation for several years. The driving aim is to step outside of the company’s traditional footprint, to broaden its horizon and initiate positive partnership and networking systems with high-potential start-ups, accelerators and external partners.

Open Innovation Italie
« As part of the food innovation program, a great cooperative effort has emerged with Up Day, a relationship that materialized with the Hackathon Feeding Fair at the Milan Expo 2016.
Students from the four corners of Europe, together with experts, NGOs and institutions co-produced this special moment, working together on a joint study of innovative solutions to fight malnutrition. Today, our partnership is being strengthened, reinforcing its objectives, including specifically to boost the growth of innovative start-ups enabling us to work towards the future. Innovation is a cooperative effort!
In the food sector, there are so many initiatives to be implemented to produce positive impacts on the health of both people and the planet, on the production side naturally, but also by paying attention to purchase models, regulation and distribution benefiting people who value the culture of food, and also by focusing on sustainable development and sustainability issues. » Sara Roversi, Founder of Future Food.