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17 February 2016


[Infographie] Our 100,000 Facebook fans!

Created on August 29, 2011, our Facebook page, « Up Group, » now has over 100,000 fans, a great occasion for us to do an evaluation.
The choice to create an infographic was not a trivial one. This viral format allows us to spread useful messages and key information in an accessible way. In this document, we highlight the significance of the number 100,000 through statistics coming from everyday life. 



What does 100,000 fans represent?

Food/Drink : 100,000: the number of cups of coffee consumed across the globe in a single minute; also the number of tons of French cheese exported from Europe every year!

Culture : In France, in the past two hours, 100,000 books have been purchased!

Social networks : On social media, 100,000 is the number of photos posted to Instagram around the world in just 30 seconds!

In 2015, our 100,000 fans have generated 713,033 views for our videos and overs 220,000 interactions with our publications. These past two years, more than 23 million users (fans and non-fans of the page) have seen our Facebook publications.  

58% of our fans are female, and 50% of our community is between 18-34 years old.


100,000 fans is also 0.1% of the number of employees who work at cooperatives around the world!

Cooperative and successful for 50 years so far, Up Group has 2,355 employees around the world, of which 710 are cooperative members. With an average age of 37, 53% of our employees are female.

Present in 17 countries, we have more than 27 beneficiaries worldwide, and 2 million clients of which 1.7 million are commercial partners.

Our Foundation supported 68 organizations in 2015.

[Infographie] Our 100,000 Facebook fans!

[Infographie] Our 100,000 Facebook fans!