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17 September 2013

Performance / Responsible commitment

Domatel, remote management serving the public!

We (Groupe Chèque Déjeuner) have always been attached to the social aims of our solutions. This principle is one of the essential leitmotivs for deploying every one of our projects. That is why, in 2000, our firm belief in the future of remote management led us to create Domatel.  13 years later, in a social context where addiction is a major issue in political debates, where local funding is dwindling, and where individuals expect services of impeccable quality, Domatel has proved to be a winning solution for everyone.


But… what exactly is remote management?

Today, Domatel is a must-have solution for any players in the home care business. Perhaps you have hired a personal care services company for help with household chores, watching your child or caring for a person of your entourage who has become dependent. The quality of services rendered is a major concern for you, and in particular the working hours in your home, if you are unable to be present when these services are being provided.

Domatel, the remote management solution, is simple and effective, and is used by most home assistance organizations. It ensures that benefits are provided as per agreed schedules, and can alert you if the service provider is late or absent.


How does it work?

The home caregiver punches a green number at the beginning and at the end of the visit. Through this procedure, the Domatel host server automatically collects real time information about the type of benefits, arrival time, departure time… This data is then transferred automatically, without having to be re-entered, to the home care services organization or the financing institution, and to you, the end customer, enabling you to access and update your schedule or your invoices directly on your mobile or on a dedicated website.

schéma domatel

What are the advantages of this solution?

In addition to the quality of services that this solution provides, Domatel is an effective management tool which assists service companies in managing their schedules, payroll and invoicing, while also providing Regional authorities, who finance some of these services, with a fulfillment guarantee.


Key Figures for Domatel:

  • 200,000 calls per day
  • 80,000 users each month
  • 39,000 service providers
  • 520 user organizations
  • 9 Local administrative authorities (Conseil Général)

In sum, Domatel means guaranteed quality home service, with optimized management of home services providers and a guarantee that benefits granted by the communities are being used effectively. For more information see: www.domatel.fr