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1 June 2016

Responsible commitment / Social innovation

Our Italian subsidiary Day employees give part of their salary to charity

« Operation ZeroVirgola » launched: employees of the meal voucher company donate centimes after the decimal point on their salary. The beneficiary associations chosen are Action Against Hunger and ANT


A solidarity operation was proposed to all employees in Day, Up Group italian subsidiary based in Bologna which operates in the business and people services market offering services such as meal vouchers, loyalty programmes and welfare plans.

It was indeed suggested to employees to give centimes from their monthly salary, by rounding it down by default to the euro. The model was replicated following the establishment within the Up Group, a French cooperative which Day belongs to, and which supports numerous social projects.

The initiative was dubbed « Operation ZeroVirgola », referring to the tenth of a euro of salary after the decimal point and was set up in various stages.


First step: the choice of associations who will benefit from the donations. All employees in DAY received a questionnaire asking them to choose 1 association from among 3. They chose with 79% of votes the ANT association, which deals with assistance and support for people with cancer. This association has joined Action Against Hunger, the main partner of DAY – Up Group, in 2016.

Second step: Once they had come to a decision as to the beneficiary structures, the employees freely chose to join Operation ZeroVirgola or not. An individual decision is revocable at any time.

The contribution donated by the employee concerns exclusively the centimes after the decimal point of the monthly salary, rounded down by default to the whole number. The maximum monthly amount given by each worker cannot exceed 99 centimes of a euro (for example: for a salary of €1,050.65 the automatic donation is €0.65). In a year, the donated amount does not exceed the value of €11.88 and the salary rounding operation is done automatically and directly on the employees’ pay sheets.

Each employee also had the opportunity to give a fixed monthly amount (for example: 5 euros per month, the equivalent of €60 per year). Whether the amounts given are centimes or a fixed sum, they are deductible from employees’ income.

More than 60% of DAY – Up Group’s employees joined Operation ZeroVirgola. 87% decided to give centimes of a euro, while 13% chose to give a fixed amount.

We are very proud of this initiative which achieved a fine rate of adhesion, whether in France or in Italy. Our goal is to make life easier for employees with simple everyday solutions, raising their awareness at the same time with solidarity initiatives like this one


The adhesion by DAY – Up Group employees is a tangible sign of solidarity, which in times of economic crisis has even more value and is a testimony to be shared so that other companies set up similar experiments.


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