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22 May 2017

Responsible commitment

Combating violence against women: Marc Buisson from Up Day wins the « Ecce Dominae » award

On Saturday April 1st, the 2017 « Ecce Dominae » awards event was organized by the Marie Anne Erize Centro antiviolenza (Center against gender violence). This prize rewards winners for their commitment to fighting gender violence.


This year, Marc Buisson, Deputy Director of Up Day, was among the winners. He had worked on developing significant cooperation between the association and our Italian subsidiary

This award is a recognition for the Up Group Foundation that has provided hands-on support to the award-winning initiatives. Last October, Marc Buisson participated in the fashion show event where viewers were able to see bridal dresses restored by women who had been victims of violence and were taken in by the Marie Anne Erize Center.

Up Day’s commitment to fighting gender stereotypes and violence is not new. For several years now our Italian subsidiary has been supporting organizations engaged in helping women in difficulty. The Director General of Up Day, Marc Buisson, is highly aware of this problem, and wanted to give broad visibility to the initiatives of the « Non una di meno » event and #locimettolafaccia (« Not one less », and « I answer for it personally »).

At this award ceremony which rewarded his personal commitment, Marc Buisson said: « I am proud of this award, which demonstrates my commitment and the commitment of every one of us to the Marie Anne Erize Center, the initiatives of which we have been supporting for many years. Thanks specifically to the Up Foundation competition, the Center was able to carry out major projects such as, for instance, the « Brides of Mary Anne » fashion show by the solidarity sewing workshop of Tor Bella Monaca organized in October 2016. »

The other winners of the Ecce Dominae award include Antonella Armentano, a RAI3 journalist; Carla Cucchiarelli, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of RAI3; Anna Grazia Concilio, journalist; Mariella Cupito, teacher at the “E.Amaldi” high school of Tor Bella Monaca; Giusy de Gori, fashion blogger; Marco Babacci, ambassador of the Marie Anne Erize Center campaign « Sulla pelle delle donne1 » (On the skin of women); Vittorio Lussana Bis, journalist and Director of Periodico Italiano Magazine and the site Laici.it as well as Jacopo Venier, Director of LiberaTv.

This April 1st, we also discovered the book Inchiostro nelle vene (Ink in their veins) signed by the poet Rita Iris Marra. The day’s program included a round table hosted by Anna Grazia Concilio, founder of the Marie Anne Erize Center for Combating Violence and the ambassador of the erotic phone company Stefania Catallo, the theme being « This too is the Center for Fighting Violence. »


Photo Credit : Up Day, Marc Buisson