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Action against hunger

Since 2009, Chèque Déjeuner, an Up Group’s brand, has partnered with Action against Hunger (or in French, Action contre la Faim: ACF) to raise funds from the employees that benefit from having luncheon vouchers. Each of them can give one or several meal vouchers to support this NGO in order to help the most vulnerable populations around the world.

Highlighted on Up Group’s blog: Weareup.com, this campaign named “I lunch, I give” (originally “Je déj’, je donne” in French) aims to institute a solidarity, simple act, easy to reach for every employee. During this campaign, workers further strengthened their involvement in their daily work. Nowadays, Up Group is the most important partner of the association, which is present in more than 47 countries and works with around 8.5 million people.

An article posted on the blog, within the “Responsible Commitment” section, details the evolution of this partnership. The author points out several innovations that occurred during the campaign and also describes the results obtained. “I lunch, I give” has raised in 7 years more than 275,000 meal vouchers, equivalent to €2 million in donations.

Weareup.com supports the group’s actions by encouraging employees to take part in this operation. In fact, its commitment reflects Up Group’s social values and willingness to have a positive impact on society. By making a donation donors are supporting an NGO that fights malnourishment and hunger in the world. Nearly one out of 7 people suffer from malnutrition. Among them, 55 million are children. ACF’s objective is to enable these vulnerable and underprivileged populations to quickly regain their independence and to recover the ability to live without relying on outside help. Thus, giving 2 meal vouchers that are worth €7 each, so €14 in total, will allow a malnourished child to benefit from the nutrition funding for 4 weeks through the actions of the NGO.

Up Group is leading communication campaigns to target specific groups like local associations, authorities, and companies, to involve them in the “I lunch, I give” actions. Communication tools are made available to these organizations, so they can raise interest and desire to be part of this project for a maximum of people. The goal is simple: increasing the number of people involved in this campaign to raise the biggest amount of meal vouchers that will be transformed into actual funds for the NGO.

If you also want to participate and support the campaign, simply send your meal voucher Chèque Déjeuner with “Action contre la Faim” written on it to “ACF” in a non-stamped envelope at the following address:

  • Action contre la Faim
  • Libre Réponse N° 61099
  • 77009 Melun Cedex